Sporta pils dārzi (Gardens of Sporta Pils) is a project organized by the citizens of Riga with an aim to open the former Sporta Pils complex territory that is currently inactive and put it to public use. During the territory’s development stage between 2020 and 2023, the gardens will host different cultural and educational activities in its flowery meadows and offer private urban gardening spaces for rent.

The project’s intention is to encourage the citizens of Riga to take an active part in the city's development and improvement as well as to create the place and time for promoting a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle and offer a possibility for an educational and contemporary leisure time.

During the project's first stage, in the fall of 2020, with the help of more than 150 community members, the territory was tidied up and adapted according to the project's needs. In the spring of 2021 the territory will open to the public, both to the potential gardeners and guests. At this time, an agenda of cultural and educational activities will be launched for all interested parties to participate.

Territory map

  1. Closed territory
  2. Meadows and recreational space
  3. Community Gardens


150 garden spaces will be located at the street level. The mobile gardening boxes will be of different sizes and heights so that they are easily accessible for everyone including people with disabilities, children and seniors.

Each rentable garden is the size of 12.5 sqm, each with 3 to 8 gardening boxes full of gardening soil ready for immediate use.


Wildflower meadows and recreational zones will be located in the central part of the territory available for picnics, events, lazy afternoons and community activities.


Sporta pils dārzi is a non-profit organization consisting of activists, citizens of Riga, with a common aim to actively participate in the improvement of the urban environment.

Renāte Prancāne

Founder and Project Director

Ilze Rukšāne

Landscape Architect

Evija Krištopane

Brand design and strategy

Rūta Jumīte Graphic Designer

Estere Betija Grāvere Guest Artist

Laima Daberte Landscape Architect's Assistant

Aleksandrs Krjukovs Web Developer

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